How do African patients die? How would African patients like to die?

While death is a universal truth, the way in which it is experienced differs greatly depending on the context and cultures driving a society.There is a strong need across the African continent to revisit perspectives on End of Life care and to find workable solutions amidst cultural diversity, existing practices and evidence in modern society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an urgent need to change the narrative on End of Life care in Africa. New narratives need to be sensitive to existing practices while addressing issues faced by both individuals and communities at large.


The African Center for Research on End of Life Care (ACREOL) aims to develop a culture of research using existing African platforms and to explore more effective solutions.

Current models on end-of-life care decision-making in Africa have grown out of Eurocentric and American clinical and cultural experiences that need to be adapted to the African experience. The center explores ways to create a local, relevant and people-centred approach to End of Life care that ensures the dignity and well-being of all patients.