Christian Mbanza also known as ‘Chris Schwagga’ is a Rwandan based artist, born in Burundi and raised in Congo who started his journey with art in 2005 with a two-megapixel point-and-shoot camera. His inspiration comes from people and travelling as well as elements of the cultures of the countries he moves between. He has since worked in Bujumbura, Kigali, and Hamburg.

Chris’ work is driven by curiosity. Paired with his passion for design, this inspired him to explore and experiment with different mediums, disciplines and materials beyond photography to express himself in a way that connects with people and tells unique stories. Chris has experimented with sculptures, installations and costumes which have been featured in exhibitions across Africa and Europe.

Chris is dedicated to collaborating with different members in the creative community to bring his concepts to life. He has worked with a growing network of photographers, painters, carpenters, welders, fashion designers and many more – creating a space where knowledge, tools and materials can easily be shared. This provides him with opportunities to continuously learn, experiment and refine his craft.

Chris plans to expand his art portfolio by exploring more with technology and other tools to create more interactive and virtual installations in the near future.