Dr. Emmanuel Musoni Rwililiza is an internationally trained psychiatrist with expertise in working with migrants and refugees, palliative care, community mental health, and psychiatric hospitalization. He has held several roles including that of Chief Medical Officer for the SORTONI Camp in Darfur/Sudan, Clinical Director at the Masaka District Hospital in Rwanda, chief resident of the Psychiatry Department at the University of Rwanda, and Medical Doctor in the Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry at the University Hospitals of Geneva. Dr. Musoni is a recognized expert by the WHO, is the Head of Psychiatry in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, serves as the Mental Health Clinical Mentor for 13 Districts Hospitals of the Eastern Province and Kigali, and is appointed in the department of mental health at Rwinkwavu District Hospital. Dr. Musoni also provides consultancy and research to both Partners In Health and the Canadian Humanitarian Health Ethics research group. His passion for mental health started in medical school where he founded the Mental Health Association in 2005, through which he designed several projects including the Mental Health Empowerment Project.

Email: rwimus@gmail.com