Mr. BIRINDABAGABO Pascal holds MPH with specialization in health economics from the University of Cape town and Global Network for Health Equity (GNHE) Alumni. With more than 10 Years of experience in the health sector, he is Public Health Policies Specialist with specific focus in Health Financing and Planning and Domestic Resource mobilization at various levels including continental, regional and national and decentralized level. He also provides capacity building to strengthen efficiency use of resources in the health sector and equity in the use of the scarce resource for increasing value for money. Presently, Pascal consults for the African Union Commission as a Senior Public Health Specialist focusing in developing Domestic Health Financing. Prior to join the African Union Commission, He serves as Health Financing Specialist, Health Insurance policy Expert and District Health Advisors in charge of strengthening Decentralized Healthcare Work Forces capacity in Health planning, Health Facilities Finance Management, Decentralized Workforce management and development, as well as, advised districts on implementation of health-related policies, namely the Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) and Performance-Based Financing and how to create fiscal space for health at local level. Pascal long-standing experience in the health sector, varying from the implementation of Community Based Health Insurance, Performance Based Financing, developing and implementing Health Sector Policies and Planning, strengthening health system with emphasis in Public Financial Management, Healthcare planning, Human Resource for Health Management both at central and decentralized level, Healthcare Resource Mobilization, Social Protection and Community Welfare.