Prof. Mbonyinkebe Sebahire Deo is an Anthropologist and independent consultant in Rwanda. He is currently the chairman of the ACREOL Advisory Board and Fellow to the Rwanda Academy of Sciences, Department of Social Sciences & Humanities.
Mbonyinkebe was the former head of the department of social sciences (Faculty of social sciences, economic & management ) at the University of Rwanda and a member of the Academic Senate. He lectured at the University of Kinshasa (DR, Congo), the University of Rwanda, and the Kigali Independent University from 1995-2014 where he focused on research and publications on religious anthropology, medical anthropology, Genocide studies, and Peacebuilding.
He co-supervisor 3 Ph.D. dissertations (Universite Catholique de Louvain -la-Neuve et Universite de Liege, as related to the reconciliation process, resilience, cooperative movement&peace building in post-genocide Rwanda. He was the former member of the Master’s thesis committee and local supervisor on the topic: End of Life decision making of cancer patients in Rwanda, November 2020. He co-authors: Theologies et Cultures, Melanges offerts a Mgr Alfred Vannest, Ottignies and Home-Grown Solutions: A legacy to generations in Africa.