Dr. Raissa Teteli is the senior pediatrician at Dream Medical Center, a private hospital located in Kigali, and a physician advocate on access to pediatric palliative care in the public health system.
Dr. Teteli received both her undergraduate and masters in pediatrics degrees from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Rwanda (UR). After completing her pediatric residency at UR, she was working at one of the biggest referral hospitals in Rwanda (CHUK) in the neonatology unit where she was also the head of the unit that where the passion for palliative care started while managing extreme premature babies, babies born with congenital diseases and abnormalities; a holistic approach of palliative care in the management of sick babies and anxious families was paramount.
Dr. Teteli is an expert clinician whose frontline experience in the rapidly evolving Rwandan health system has lend a rich and credible commentary on innovations in pediatric mostly neonatology health services delivery in Rwanda. Dr. Teteli has been contributed to the post-conflict rebuilding of Rwanda’s health system following the 1994 genocide. She served on key Ministry of Health working groups that spearhead health systems development in the country, including the Pediatric care technical committee, leading the Rwanda immunization technical advisory group, mentorship in different districts hospitals in the country etc..
Dr. Teteli, being among the Rwandan pioneer’s trainers in pediatric palliative care and also in emergency triage assessment and treatment (ETAT), her passion for sick children pushes her to always keep on with pediatric up-to-date researches to the quality of life even during life-threatening illness by alleviating suffering through the treatment of pain and relief of physical, psychosocial and spiritual problems – in Rwanda.


Email: raisste@gmail.com