Research Description:

There is a need to popularize, democratize, and decolonize palliative care in Africa; to change perceptions, and to change the narrative.

Even if palliative care is everyone’s business, the discourse used in the field is alienating and difficult to understand for most of the population.

In collaboration with the Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) and local artists, the intention is to highlight the role of Ubuntu in palliative care.

The project aims to train local artists in palliative care and End of Life Care and encourages all types of arts (music, painting, sculpture, poetry, photography, dance, artisanal crafts) to reconsider the myths and biases that so often color the experiences of those living with life-limiting conditions. It encourages artists to seek out instead of potential opportunities for love, laugher, creativity, and fulfillment at the end of life.

(Photo: Chris Swagga)