“Palliative care improves the quality of life of patients and that of their families who are facing challenges associated with life-threatening illness, whether physical, psychological, social, or spiritual. The quality of life of caregivers improves as well.” (WHO, 2002)

The African Center for Research on End-of-Life Care (ACREOL) is pleased to invite you to join the Ubuntu palliative care movement from October 9th to November 9th, 2021, under the theme of “Equity in access to Palliative Care.” To be equitable, palliative care must incorporate the local socio-cultural context of patients and their families.

“Ubuntu” is an African philosophy underpinned by interconnection and humaneness. It is often translated as “I am because we are” or “Humanity toward others.” It is a belief in the universal bonds that connect all people. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_philosophy)

Various words have been used to describe the presence of ubuntu: sympathy, compassion, benevolence, solidarity, hospitality, generosity, sharing, openness, affirming, available, kindness, caring, harmony, interdependence, obedience, collectivity, and consensus. Ubuntu is opposite to vengeance, opposite to confrontation, opposite to retribution, and that ubuntu values life, dignity, compassion, humaneness harmony, and reconciliation (Mugumbate J, Nyanguru A, 2013;)

There is a strong need to revisit perspectives on End-of-Life care and develop workable solutions amidst cultural diversity, existing practices, and evidence in modern society. There is an urgent need to create an Ubuntu palliative care movement grounded in a framework of compassion and consideration for the social-cultural context of patients and their families.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an urgent need to improve end-of-life care. New narratives need to be sensitive to local context and traditional practices while addressing current issues faced by individuals and communities.

PLEASE JOIN THE MOVEMENT BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1V1p4zjIfnO1p-TdH9e6AI8eNYkGGvuI3Arxpx188P4A/edit

***By sharing your proverbs and quotes, you give ACREOL permission to use them to demonstrate the diversity of socio-cultural considerations in palliative care. The use will be anonymous, identified only by “role” and “country.” Examples of use may include 1. Sharing with the global community via the ACREOL website and social media 2. Presentation at educational conferences 3. Compilation and analysis for publication in the field of palliative care.

Contact: info@acreol.org