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Dr. Emmanuel Musoni Rwililiza is a distinguished psychiatrist with a global reputation for his expertise in various psychiatric disciplines, encompassing treatment for both inpatients and outpatients, migrants and refugees, as well as palliative care and community mental health. Dr. Musoni’s extensive experience is marked by several influential roles, notably as the Chief Medical Officer at UNAMID-SORTONI Camp in Darfur, Sudan, the Clinical Director at Masaka District Hospital in Rwanda, Chief Resident in Psychiatry at the University of Rwanda, and a Medical Doctor in the Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry at the University Hospitals of Geneva.

He has also served as a clinical mentor of psychiatry in Rwanda’s Eastern Province and provided mentorship in mental health clinical practices for 13 district hospitals in the Eastern Province and Kigali City. In addition, Dr. Musoni has contributed his expertise as a mental health consultant and researcher for the Canadian Humanitarian Health Ethics research group and Partners in Health-Rwanda. His contributions in the field of mental health have earned recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO), where he serves as a mental health expert. He has participated in two notable missions: as a mental health expert for the migration health team in Sudan in 2019, and as a child and adolescent mental health expert for the joint WHO-UNICEF program in Brazzaville, Congo Republic in 2023.

Dr. Musoni’s commitment to mental health was ignited during his medical school years, leading him to establish the Medical Mental Health Association in 2005. Through this organization, he launched various initiatives, including the Mental Health Empowerment Project in Rwanda’s Southern Province, aiming to enhance mental health awareness and psychoeducation.

Dr. Musoni is at the helm of the Department of Mental Health at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK). Here, he also leads the CASPAR clinical study as the Principal Investigator, which is assessing the treatment efficacy of paliperidone palmitate for schizophrenia in Rwandan healthcare settings, a study sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Furthermore, he is in the final year of his Ph.D. at Aarhus University, Denmark, focusing on clinical research related to Psychoeducation for bipolar disorder patients in Rwanda, with his defense scheduled for April 2024.

As a lecturer, Dr. Musoni imparts his knowledge and experience to students at the University of Rwanda’s Department of Psychiatry. Additionally, he holds the position of Deputy Clinical Chief in Liaison Psychiatry at the Hospital of Sion, affiliated with the Hospital of Valais in Switzerland.

Dr. Musoni is renowned for his exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills, which have been crucial in effectively managing mental health clinical services and administrative responsibilities. His skill in research and analysis has been instrumental in developing innovative programs that aim to improve healthcare systems, ultimately providing better services to the community.